Here I Go On A Nurse Rant, Again!

I constantly find more and more that nurses have a really bad, couldn’t give a damn attitude. Not all nurses are bad, there are some really great, friendly, courteous helpful ones. But more and more I find that to be the exception and not the rule.

I need to have blood tests done at least once every month, and in addition to that, I have blood tests in between for various things sometimes. I have it done at different places, and I have different doctor appointments at different facilities, with different doctors and labs.

The sad thing is for the last ten months, I had 37 different medical appointments to see a doctor, draw blood, get an x-ray, CT Scan or something related to my conditions, and only twice – literally only twice – did I have a genuinely pleasant nurse see to me. My doctors are always pleasant, but it is the trolls in scrubs pretending to be nurses that I must deal with that really irks me.

I am a pleasant person, always being sure to be polite and thankful to everyone that attends to me. But 95% of the nurses are angry when they open the door. Their attitude is gruff and rude, and it only seems to be getting worse.

If you are a nurse, or know a nurse out their, I have a special message to you all. Remember why you got into this profession. It was to be of service to humanity. If you are doing it just to make a dollar, and hate your job, please find another profession. People coming to medical facilities are already stressed out and in physical and emotional pain. The last thing they need is a nurse or technician with a really messed up, angry attitude speaking to them like they are nothing but whining fools. Show some compassion.

For those of you who are saying that it is not easy dealing with patients, they are so grumpy and angry all the time, get over it. Try living in their shoes being in pain all day, every day. If they have an attitude, then kill them with kindness. They’ll come around. The more you fight, they worse they feel and the more they fight you back. I swear if i have to deal with one more idiot nurse with a bad attitude, I am going to …

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