Entering Limbo


There is that period after you have a medical test, where you are waiting for the results, hoping that all is well, or if not, at least not too bad.

The thing with being positive for active sarcoidosis in the heart is that it is considered one of the hardest forms of sarcoidosis to treat as doctors are not exactly sure what dose of prednisone works best, and just how effective the treatments are.

I managed to bring my heart up to 45% output from 25% which was how low it was when the heart failure was first discovered.

I sit here today, waiting to hear just how my heart has been affected by this latest active sarcoidosis. I am hoping that I have not fallen back at all, but even though there is nothing that I can do but wait to see my cardiologist with the results tomorrow, I worry, I speculate, I hope, I contemplate and I think just way too damned much.