My Reply, To A Reply, On My Nurse Rant

I recently posted a blog entry “Here I Go On A Nurse Rant, Again“, about the horrible attitude of some nurses. I received the following comment on the post and I decided to share this particular nurse’s take on nurses being nice with everyone, and give my response.

From “Sean”:

“I guess the short answer is that we aren’t paid to be nice. We’re paid to provide professional cares to humanity, whether they are irksome, pleasant or unconscious. Our education consists of training specific to the safe and effective delivery of healthcare. There is no component of nurse training that is dedicated to being ‘nice’. You want to be treated like a valued customer: go to a jewellery store. You want professional healthcare: see a nurse. Whether nurses ‘care’ or not is actually beside the point. Do you ever ask whether your surgeon ‘cares’ or your post delivery person ‘cares’? Nurses ‘care’ insofar as they deliver professional health behaviours. If they actually really cared about you they would make you soup and tuck you in at night. There’s a name for that person: your mother. This doesn’t excuse rude, demeaning or unprofessional behaviours, but it might help to clarify what this professional body of clinicians is paid to do. That’s my special message to you.”

There is so much I want to write in response to this comment. It evokes so many feelings; shock, disbelief, anger, frustration. However, there is a simple response to this comment, and that is, no one is paid, or needs to be, or should be paid extra salary to be nice, in any profession or circumstance in life. Being nice is a natural, human interaction, an interaction of genuine compassion and caring for your fellow human beings. To believe that one needs to paid to be nice only demonstrates a disconnection between themself and their humanity, a signal that their emotional soul is in debt, a broken and hurt psyche. All I can do, rather than argue with Sean, for obviously this is their inherent belief system, is to wish them love and sincere peace. Hopefully they will once again be able to find their humanity, and be able to be nice, if not to others around, then at least to themself.