Back Pain Or Bleed, Hmmm …


Yesterday I went to have my AICD interrogated at my cardiologist and all is well on that aspect. I also had an appointment with my GP in the afternoon about my back, but I thought I would mention it to my cardiologist so he could let me know what is safe to take for the pain with regards to my prescription meds.

He told me to take Alieve, and earlier this week, my beautiful wife advised me against taking that because I am already on Plavix and taking Alieve with Plavix could cause bleeding. So when my cardiologist said Alieve, I reminded him I am on Plavix and Tracleer, both of which thin blood. He thought about that for a second and then said to me “yeah, with the Plavix and Tracleer you have a chance of bleeding, but take the Alieve, it will help the pain”

I respect my cardiologist, but that was the most asinine thing he ever told me. Basically the relief of pain outweighs my chance of spontaneously bleeding. Even the best of doctors can be real idiots sometimes. And no, I am not taking Alieve.