A Conversation at Dunkin’ Donuts

I never go to Dunkin Donuts but I had a mean cravng for coffee and although it is 34°F, I wanted a frozen coffee. I don’t know Dunkin’s menu and this being a kiosk at the airport didn’t have a menu board. Me: “Hi. What type of frozen coffee drinks do you have?” Woman: “Hot…

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy HEALTHY and prosperous 2018 filled with love, joy and positivity. BR

Gluten Free Cheddar Cheese And Black Truffle Bread

One of the little secrets to improving your health is joy. It doesn’t have to be huge things, but the little things in life that bring you joy. Like a really good cup of latte can give me joy for hours. And a couple of slices of awesome bread as a late night snack is…

The Weekend Revisit Of “The Power Of Positivity”

When I was first diagnosed with heart failure in August 2007, I was told my ejection fraction was 25% and I needed to have an ICD implanted. That was immediately after having surgery to close a hole in my heart, and during that surgery doctors came to the realization that sarcoidosis had gone into the heart….

Clouds On Clouds

  Cloud on clouds #clouds #sky #travel #caribbeansea #landscape #nofilter #iphone8plus A post shared by Basil René (@aviewofmyworld) on Sep 29, 2017 at 12:09pm PDT I went back to my birth land to visit my family two weeks ago and took this photo on the way back

They’re Going To Judge You Anyway

I have a friend who is very wealthy and somewhat lives in a bubble where he almost believes that everyone has great disposal wealth and can purchase anything at a moment’s notice. On the other side I have another friend that is not wealthy and seems to struggle. My phone has been giving trouble for…

When “Home” Isn’t Home Anymore

When I was 19, I made my first trip to the US on vacation and fell in love. I drove into New York on a chilly June night from JFK and knew this was my home, this is where I was meant to be. I came back every year for vacation after that and eventually I…

Day 40 Of My Mantra Meditation “Challenge” Complete. 

I am practicing meditation for a few years now but mostly guided meditations and not everyday. A lot of the time I would fall asleep during it.  Today I finished a “test” (I prefer test over challenge) of doing a mantra meditation for forty days straight and I have not missed a day.  I will…

When It Rains, It Storms

I posted last time that my friend was going in for testing and they discovered that he has lung cancer. He is not in a really good place, but that is another story. Last week I got a call that my mother was having trouble breathing and that she was going to the nursing home…

Knowing When To Support Quietly

“I’m having surgery on Monday” were the words that came up on my iPhone screen two weeks ago from a longtime friend. I’m not going into the details of the conversation, but it turns out that he has early stage lung cancer. He hasn’t gotten an exact diagnosis as yet, but he isn’t handling it…

The Weekend Revisit Of: The Only True Healer Is You

I came across a blog recently that was written by a person with some of the same conditions that I have – heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. The tone of the writing was very angry and bitter towards both the diseases and the establishment.

The Weekend Revisit Of : Finding My Dreams In A Song

The other day my wife asked me if I had any dreams and I honestly could think of none. Have I allowed my condition to stop me from truly living? How the hell could I not have any dreams, or have I locked them away so that I don’t end up getting disappointed, or worse yet, I subconsciously don’t think I will

What Is Typical Acceptable Reality

I want to put forward a thought on human behavior. First, take one hundred people in your contact list, be they personal, work associate or someone you went to school with but don’t really know well. On a piece of paper, write their names and their cell phone numbers next to it. Go to bed…

My Most Visited Post Ever

If you are on Plaquenil and never saw my little old post, head on over to “Plaquenil Withdrawal” and check out why this is the most active, multi-hit post for the past five years. I really can’t figure it out.

Please, Enough With The Bible Misquotes And Quotation Overuse 

I browse a lot of blogs everyday and a recurring theme, especially in health blogs, is bible quotes. I have nothing against anyone quoting the Bible, but if you are going to do it, then please put a quote that is actually referencing what you are talking about and not something completely different because you…