Happy Thanksgiving 

New Rx Can Help With Stress And Other Ailments

I came across this infomercial for the best remedy for stress and a lot of other ailments. Please take a minute to look at it. I have used this Rx for many a… Continue reading

“Being Hip” Takes On A Whole Different Meaning Now

Sitting in my car in the parking lot of the mall, sipping on a Starbucks Frappucino, waiting for my wife and watching people go by, I try to keep moving around my leg… Continue reading

When Something Isn’t The Right Time

I just finished writing a very detailed post about meditation and the process I use. I wrote it on my laptop in a program separate from WordPress so that my entry wouldn’t post… Continue reading

Here I Go, Again!

I haven’t written anything to this blog for a while and frankly it’s because I have no inspiration. The blog was originally meant to be my posts about living my life with Sarcoidosis,… Continue reading

ICD Doesn’t Reduce Mortality in Non-Ischemic HF | Medpage Today

I Can’t believe that they actually did a study to figure this out! And ICD is just to stop firibiulation of the heart. Nothing else. by Crystal Phend  Senior Associate Editor, MedPage Today… Continue reading

Why Do I Need To Justify My Apple Watch?

I stood at the counter of the Starbucks, waiting for my mobile order. The ordering line was long and as usual and I could feel the eyes of those in the line on… Continue reading

The Weekend Revisit Of “Crossing Bridges”

Originally posted on April 22, 2012 On a recent trip into NYC for my ICD interrogation, my wife and I took a train down town to see the 9/11 memorial. We have not… Continue reading

The Weekend Revisit Of “Superman Is Grounded”

Originally Posted April 17, 2012 I went into NYC for an ICD interrogation (Fancy term for reading my defibrillator), a simple procedure where the doctor downloads the information from the device and makes… Continue reading

Prednisone Withdrawal Is No Fun

Today marks exactly 10 years, non stop, that I am on Prednisone for sarcoidosis. The side effects of this medication can be horrendous, but thankfully my experience in those ten years were just… Continue reading

The Weekend Revisit of “Appreciating My Life”

Originally posted April 10, 2012It’s spring, and with it comes new beginnings, new life, new starts. I recently changed all of my bank accounts to another bank as my old bank was bought… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary To Me!

  It’s hard to believe that I started this blog six years ago today. How time and life flies by within a blink. Thanks to everyone that has followed me, commented on and liked… Continue reading

Sentimental Power Over Values

Recently, my mother could not walk anymore, and long story short, she now lives in an assisted living home. Since she decided that she will no longer be socializing outside of the home,… Continue reading

And Now Comes The Book

I am writting this book not with the intention of making a profit and selling millions of copies …

Before You Can Really Get Help, Learn About Yourself

Exactly ten years ago today, I got a call from my doctor to confirm that my test results were positive for sarcoidosis. The day before, I came out of the hospital after a… Continue reading

The Sunday Revisit Of “Slipping Back Into Old Habits”

Originally Posted March 21, 2012 I am slowly slipping back in to my bad habits and I know I am going to pay the price down the road, so I have to stop.… Continue reading

The Saturday Revisit Of “A Little Off Subject”

Originally Posted March 19, 2012 Just A Little Off The Subject Imagine yourself in a room with some of your closest friends and acquaintances and it is your birthday. They each come up… Continue reading

Unchallenging Myself

I received an email letting me know that the April A to Z blogging challenge registration was coming up on January 25th. I participated that last couple of years and getting this email… Continue reading

The Sunday Revisit Of “A Frappe Latte Slappe In The Face”

Originally Posted March 15, 2012 Ever since I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2006, I have been constantly on prednisone at various doses, and in that time I have put on thirty pounds.… Continue reading

The Saturday Revisit Of “Letting Go Of My Old Self”

Originally Posted March 9, 2012 Letting Go Of My Old Self One thing about having a chronic condition, and in my case, more than one, is that you need to accept that your… Continue reading

The Like Button

Written by Basil Rene © 2016 All Rights Reserved

The Sunday Revisit Of “Is There Such A Thing As Being Too Positive?”

Originally Posted March 7, 2012   Looking at the statistics on my blog, and a few emails I received, it seems the posts with the highest number of hits are those few ones… Continue reading

The Saturday Revisit Of “It’s All Just 50/50”

Originally Posted January 30, 2012 As I approach my fifth year of living with heart failure brought on by sarcoidosis, I think back to the day that I learned that people with cardiac… Continue reading

My New Photography Blog

I started a new blog today. It’s called Life As An Anomaly In Photos. Photography is my other passion, and I decided to start a separate blog with my photos. No theme. Just… Continue reading

Calling For Help

  Written by Basil Rene © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Snapshots Of My Life: It’s Just Freaking Wine

“Green apples” said my best friend sitting next to me. “I get a hint of banana” added another friend sitting to our front It was my turn to illicit a response, and I… Continue reading

Motivational Monday: Be Nice

Always be nice to people, because …

The Sunday Revisit Of “AICD (Defibrillator) Implant – My Truth”

Originally Posted January 29, 2012 I got a request to explain the procedure for an AICD (defibrillator) implant as the person is scheduled to have one implanted in a couple of weeks. As… Continue reading

The Saturday Revisit Of “Why Do People Suffer?”

Originally Posted January 3, 2012 I was telling my wife about an email I received from someone telling me that they have suffered from sarcoidosis for many years, when she interrupted me and… Continue reading

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