Coffee Drinking and Heart Disease

I never was a coffee drinker until two things happened in my life to change that. The first was that I went to an Ayurvedic doctor when I was first diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and he told me that coffee actually helps with lung problems and eases breathing. Then, when I left his office I discovered Starbucks Frapuccinos.

My favorite after dinner drink, a decaf capuccino.

I slowly began drinking lattes. I got a Keurig single cup maker and that was my seal of fate as a permanent coffee drinker. When I had my spinal taps and had the absolute worst headaches anyone can have, I was told to drink espresso, regular, not decaf, and that relieved the headaches.

Now that I have heart failure I was wondering if coffee would have any effect on heart disease. I thought that I may have to stop, but a new study release is saying that coffee is actually helpful for heart disease, although I think I will continue to stay away from regular and stick with decaf. I can fell the difference when I have regular, and my heart does not really like it. But if you are a coffee drinker, click here to read about the study on coffee and heart disease.

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