Exercise safe for heart failure patients (via Srinivas Reddy)

Prior to being diagnosed with sarcoidosis and then with heart failure, I went to the gym everyday and did the treadmill, elliptical and all the weight machines. That all came to an end when the heart failure was diagnosed, because I was basically told that I had to take it easy. It has now been almost three years since my heart failure has been diagnosed, and now 30 pounds heavier. I recently rejoined a gym, but I know I can’t do the weights any more, but the treadmill and elliptical are okay, especially with the new studies there are out there. Read about the study on heart failure and exercise below.

CHICAGO: Regular exercise is safe for patients with heart failure and may lower their risk of dying from heart disease or delay hospitalization, US researchers said. Exercise has well established heart benefits, but doctors have long considered it risky for patients with heart failure, a condition in which the heart gradually loses its ability to pump blood efficiently, leaving organs starved for oxygen. “We obviously thought there was a whole ho … Read More

via Srinivas Reddy

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