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Some Blogs Just Lead No Where

I am going a little off my usual topic here, and ask that you excuse my ranting. I don’t claim to be a writer. I have never written anything that was bought by a publisher and published. I am however, a reader, as is everyone else to some extent, unless you are illiterate. In 2012 I will be 50. Wait, isn’t that the year the world is supposed to end according to people’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar? Where the heck is that psychic that told me I was going to live to be 92? I want I money back! Anyway, thankfully my sarcoidosis has not affected my eyes, but age has. I now need to get reading glasses, so when I read something, I want to sit there and not have to decipher just what the heck the author is trying to say. Not because I am stupid, or the person’s vocabulary is way beyond my understanding, but because the person has not used that wonderful tool provided with almost every word processing program out there – spell and grammar check.

Unfortunately, I came across many blogs that are so poorly written, and that unfortunately accounts to the fact that so many people are grammar deficient. People today are not able to write a complete sentence without having to abbreviate every possible word they can. Everything becomes a text message, and as such, when they actually sit to write a piece of work, namely their blog, they are unable to do so in a comprehensive way. They write as they text. I can’t say write as they speak, because people are barely talking to one another any more, just texting

That is not the only problem. People do not re-read what they have written before publishing. I came across so many typographical and spelling errors on almost every single blog that I read that most of the time, I don’t even bother to finish reading the entire piece.

I therefore ask a simple favor of every blog writer out there. Take a minute to re-read your blog before you publish it. If you are going to put your writing out there for the public to read, please, at least have the respect for the people reading your blog to re-read what you wrote to see if it makes sense and if your spelling is correct. I for one know that I won’t subscribe to a blog that I read for the first time that is poorly written.

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