Making The Perfect Cup Of Tea For Less Than $0.20 In Under 40 Seconds

Every where you look, everyone’s talking about the benefit of green tea. I love green tea, but sometimes to wait for water to boil, the tea to steep, just does not seem worth it, especially if you are impatient like I am. Here steps in the K-Cup one cup coffee maker. They are originally made by Keurig, Then Breville, and now Cuisineart. They all do the same thing, brew a cup of coffee or tea in less than 60 seconds. Those k-cups can sure add up after a while. The average box of k-cup teas runs about $9.00 for 12, or about $0.75 a cup. A regular box of tea runs about $3.00 for 16 bags, about $0.18 a bag. You could just use the k-cup coffee maker to dispense hot water into a cup, place your tea bag, and let it brew. But you can either under brew, or over brew, as i often do when I forget to take out the bag. So how do I get that fancy k-cup brewer to brew that cup of tea, inexpensively, in under 40 seconds?
I use the loose coffee filter brewer than comes with most k-cup brewers, or can be purchased seperately. Simple remove the string from a regular bag of tea, place it in the coffee filter, place in your brewer and brew. Presto, you have a perfectly brewed cup of tea in under 40 seconds (I timed myself from the time I opened the tea bag packet to the end of brewing  on my particular one cup brewer.) You have saved your self some time waiting for it to brew, and a few dollars in the long run.

Photo Instructions

K-cup brewer meant for loose coffee

Remove the string from your tea bag

Place tea bag in k-cup brewer

Place filter in your k-cup brewer

Press "BREW", and you have your perfect cup of tea

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