Feeling The Changes

Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to breathe under water
Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to breathe under water



Before all my life changes, I could drive five hours down to Washington, DC, stay the day and drive the five hours back that night, no problem. Yesterday, I drove out to the shore, six hours back and forth and worked for eight hours without a break. Today, I am exhausted!

Luckily today is my day off and I slept about 12 hours. Last night before I went to sleep I felt a little woozy. My blood pressure was 79/45, which is enough to make most people pass out. My normal pressure is about 95/53.

I went for a swim in to pool this afternoon, and although I felt fine then, now I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday, then swam the Long Island Sound today. Now it feels like I am trying to breathe under water.

One of the biggest obstacles for me since developing sarcoidosis and heart failure, is the ability to slow down. I still try to forge on ahead as I did before when I was healthy. Today, however was a real eye opener. I can’t. I have to slow down and not push myself so hard. It’s difficult, but accepting the “new” me is going to be a continuous struggle.

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  1. Hello, me again. Learning to live with any chronic debilitating health disorder sucks; the spirit might be willing but the flesh just ain’t up for it.


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