An Invitation Signals A Few Changes

Yesterday I received an email from someone at the  with a suggestion to go to the health care bloggers code of ethics web site to accept their code and display their logo on my site. Eh? I am no health care professional and that is not what my blog is about. My blog is simply my perspective on living my life with a disease known as Sarcoidosis.

That invitation stunned me. Why would they consider my blog a health care blogger site? The only conclusion I could come to was the blogs header graphic.

If you are a frequent visitor to my Blog, you would notice I changed my header photo. It’s now a brilliant sun. I will probably change it regularly depending on my mood. The original header photo was a compilation of three different graphics that I stitched together of a heart, lung and internal organs to represent the organs that are affected by Sarcoidosis. I guess someone visited my blog, saw the header graphic and assumed it was a medical information blog. Far from it. So I changed the header photo to more reflect the feel of the blog. I guess first impressions really do matter.

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  1. I wonder if they went with the word “sarcoidosis” rather than the images? I found you by tagsurfing with that word; I fear the censors are lurking around you…


    1. Basil Rene says:

      The man is watching me! 🙂


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