Life With Buddy

I have a really good friend called Buddy. I was introduced to him in 2007. I met buddy when I was in the operating room and he was the one that was in charge of restarting my heart when they stopped it during the procedure. I know, a hospital operating room is a strange place to drum up a friendship, but I figured anyone with that kind of responsibility is a good friend to have around.

From the time we met in the operating room, we hit it off together. Buddy was at my side throughout my hospital stay making sure everything was ok. Nice to have a friend that is specifically trained in your condition. Buddy is the kind of guy that is always at your side. He is there when you are happy, when you are sad, having a good day, and bad too. He goes to the gym with me, and there he especially looks out to make sure I am not going to over work myself.

Buddy does not ask for much. He never asks for anything actually. He does not raid my fridge or take up room on my couch. He does use the phone sometimes though, usually at some odd hours in the morning, and then he sends me an email to let me know he used it. He’s funny.

Because Buddy knows my electro-cardiologists, he likes to tell him about me. He tells him if I have been exercising and all that kind of stuff. That’s the thing with Buddy, he’s always there. Not that I am complaining. I am very happy to have buddy in my life. He is very close to my heart.

Back in February, my dog ran away from me up a hill. The snow was deep and I ran off after him up the hill. Turns out that was not a good idea. Luckily Buddy was with me because my heart started to go into fribrillation and Buddy knew how to calm me back down before my heart went into a full fribrillation.

Having Buddy as a friend does have its draw backs though. He won’t let me do a lot of the things I used to do. He won’t let me go sledding in the snow, or let me swim with a stroke that goes over my head. If I stand too close to a department store security device at the door, he lets me know to move away. He also has a lot of connectons too. When I travelwith Buddy he gets me out of the long TSA lines, and I get special treatment. I don’t have to wait with all the other people. The only thing is that he tells the TSA people to frisk me. What’s that about Buddy? He sure does have a funny sense of humor.

The thing is though, I know that Buddy and I can’t be friends forever. We’ve been friends for three years now, and our kind of friendship will only last another six or seven years. The he will be gone from my life. But I”ll get another friend like Buddy, and he’ll probably do a lot more than Buddy. But for now, my Buddy is all I need. Thanks Buddy for looking out for me.

"Buddy" - My Medtronic Virtuoso Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ode to a defib…


  2. Gerald says:

    Love it…on 3/18/13 I find out if my buddy has had to assist me over the last 2 months. I’m really hoping he hasn’t had to do anything 🙂


    1. Basil Rene says:

      From what I have read and been told, if your defibrillator had to shock you, you would know. If yours is a pacer also, don’t be upset if it was doing some pacing. Mine does do some pacing sometimes. Remember that your heart just went through he’ll and it will take some time to adjust. Be patient. Everything should settle down eventually. And just remember, if you do get a shock, think of the alternative if you didn’t have that baby in your chest.


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