At Last, One Of The Tribe

As I pulled into the parking lot of a store and parked yesterday, another car pulled in and parked just a spot away from me. The driver got out, and he reached into the car and pulled out a blue bag, and slung it over his shoulder. I recognized the bag. It was a Helios 300 portable oxygen system, exactly like the one I own. He attached the nasal cannula and walked into the store. What also drew my attention was that he was around my age, probably a bit younger.

As I went into the store, pretty much every where I was, he was, and he had his oxygen in use. I only use mine for exercise, so I was really curious as this guy was not obese or anything. He was slim, and really looked like nothing was wrong with him. I guess when I go to the gym with my oxygen, some people probably have the same thought.

I really started to get curious. I never come across another person around my age using portable oxygen. I wanted to go up to him and just ask him what the heck he needed oxygen for. But I couldn’t. I know I get self-conscious with my tank on my shoulder and the nasal cannula stuck in my nose sometimes and figured he might be too.

I cashed out and was loading up my purchases when the same guy came to his car. I decided to do what I never do. Approach a stranger. I figured it might be cool to talk with someone my age, and maybe we shared some of the same health issues. I built up the courage and walked over to him, pretty excited that I could get to talk to someone my age who may be in some of the same places I am. I decided  I would ask how he liked his Helios portable oxygen system, as it was definitely something we both had in common. I walked up to him and said “Hi, how do you like your Helios system. I have one just like it“. He looked at me and smiled and said “Sarry, Frum Russia. No speak eenghlish“.

I nodded, smiled and went back to my car and drove off. Alas, I stay in my own little world.

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  1. Great tale, made my spit my morning tea over the keyboard! Better luck next time…



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