Here We Go Again

Alma, Isabel, Floyd, Ivan and Earl. Some “friends” who never met each other, but I met them all. I am only now being introduced to Earl, but he seems to be a lot calmer than I expected so far. Still have to spend some time with him though.  Alma I met when I was 11, and she was fun. Isabel and Floyd I didn’t like, although Isabel did not bother me directly, Floyd and Ivan gave me a lot of un wanted work.

Who are these people? Hurricanes I have had the “joy” of experiencing. Alma I experienced as a boy, and my family was on a resort island when it hit. The roof blew off of the house we were staying in, and our boat was smashed against the rocks and sank. I was having a ball. I did not want it to stop. But alas it did. We were rescued by the coast guard, and at one time the waves were so high, the coast guard cutter was stuck in place even though it was going full throttle.

The next was Floyd. He was not a direct hit, but the effects were felt far and wide, and we were now in lower Westchester, NY, and there was a lot of flooding. Our basement was completely washed out, and we lost a good bit of stuff we had stored down there. That was a good way to do spring cleaning in summer.

Then, when we were living in Maryland, we lived on the Chesapeake bay, on a cliff,  right on the water. And that’s when Isabel came knocking. Luckily our house had no damage,although most the cliff for about a mile on the water’s edge fell into the ocean, and the neighboring town was pretty much destroyed.  The entire coast line was resculptured.

Next it was Ivan. We lived where we are now in upper Westchester county, NY. We have a stream in our back yard, that got clogged from debris washed down by the storm. The water started to rise and we called the fire department. I think the entire fire department from our town and the neighboring towns came out to help clear that stream, and they did, but not before there was a huge deposit of mud in our back yard.

Now, here comes Earl, and he’s heading for Eastern Long Island, NY, and guess where I am this weekend for work? Yep, The tip of eastern Long Island. Earl’s way off shore, but I’m so much different to that care free eleven year old boy fascinated by all the destruction. Now I have a lot of stuff to worry about. DoIi have enough medications to keep me if I get stuck out here and all that crap. Yeah, I do. I came prepared. I have over a month’s worth of my meds.

Would be nice to have that care free attitude of the eleven year old boy at the ocean during a storm and admiring it for all its strength, power and beauty.  I try to have it now, but still, the grown up worries do step in.

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