The Test That Stresses Me

My heart’s been acting up a little of late. My rate goes up a bit and I have been getting a few chest pains. My cardiologist thought it might be water retention, so he doubled my lasix for a week. Besdies peeing every five minutes, which is very inconvenient when you have to drive 3 hours out of town for work, the pains and accelerated rate did not really subside.

So now I am having my least favorite of all tests, the exercise stress test.  Other test don’t stress me out, but for some reason a stress test does.  I’ve been awake for heart surgery and I was not stressed. Maybe it was the vallum! There is nothing like walking bare back on a treadmill in an ice-cold room, with tons of wires attached to your chest until your heart rate gets way up and you feel dizzy and then to have to immediately dive back on the exam table, have cold gel slathered on you,  and a probe jabbed into your ribs.

At the end of a stress test I am usually exhausted. The good thing though is that it lets me know that everything is fine, the heat function is okay and life goes on. Just looking forward to some positive results.

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  1. Digits crossed for you! My wife is having to have one in a couple of weeks as it looks as if she my be starting pulmonary hypertension… Scd sucks!


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