A Fish I Am

I grew up near the ocean, and as a child went almost every weekend, although I preferred to swim in the pool. I always loved to swim, and still do. I could and would literally stay in the water for hours at a stretch without coming out. When we did go to the beach, my mother would start giving me a countdown of how long I had left in the ocean a full hour before we left.

I am still that way. Get me in the pool, and there is no getting me out. Luckily, I have a heated salt water pool at my disposal, so I get to swim as much as I can during the warm months.

When I walk up an incline, I am usually winded, the heart is racing and I feel like I just ran a mile at full speed. Put me in my pool, and I can swim its length, which is approx 1/2 and olympic pool’s length, underwater and I am not winded. My wife and friends tell me I fascinate them when I am in the pool, because I hardly ever swim on the surface, I swim under water, and according to them, I literally move like a fish. I would admit that I do swim very fast under water, and I can only give the credit to Patrick Duffy. Yes, the actor, from when he played “Man from Atlantis“. When I was a teenager back in 1977, I perfected my technique to swim under water like he did, and now that’s all I do.

The thing that baffles my wife and I, is that I am not breathless after swimming like a torpedo, under water, holding my breath. My wife thinks I have secret gills. Hey, it goes back to my story from my last post, that I am really meant for a different planet.

I am now looking into joining the local YMCA that has an indoor pool to continue swimming during the winter months. It”s a great way to get no-impact exercise. The only wonder is just how chlorinated that pool might be, and does the fact that we have a salt water pool make it easier. I’ll soon see.

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  1. We had use of a saltwater jacuzzi on a cruise ship, ah blisssssssss!


  2. Gel Fuel : says:

    cruise ships are the best, they have their own live entertainment and some pools on the deck .


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