So What’s Good In Your Life?

I took my car for a maintenance service and while there, there was a woman who would tell everyone she met that she was having hip replacement surgery on Monday and then go into the story of all her surgeries.

I am a very private person, which seems like an oxymoron considering that I have a blog that bares my soul to the world, but that’s another story. No one, other than my wife and my very immediate family and a few close friends know of my condition. When I had a third heart procedure last summer, I felt no reason to tell anyone other than my wife about it. I went in, did it and came home, with no one the wiser.

When I come across someone like the woman at the car dealership, I am always fascinated at how easily people bear their souls to anyone that would listen, even if they don’t want to hear. Yes I write a blog, but the purpose of my blog is not to garner sympathy from the public, but to help others like myself understand what it is like to live with the condition, and maybe some of my experiences could help someone else cope with what they are going through. People who want to hear what I have to say read my blog. My blog does not go up to you and say “I have a bunch of health issues, let me tell you about it.” It’s your choice to read my ranting.

Why then, is it necessary for some people to tell their sad stories to everyone else? I would never understand it. That’s why when I meet someone, I never say “How are you?”, because that opens you up to a barrage of complaints which you may not be ready to listen to. Instead I say “What’s good in your life today?”. You would be surprised how many people are stumped by that question. Many times people have no answer and turn the question back on me, to which I reply “I’m alive”.

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  1. to which I reply “I’m alive”.

    amen to that brother…


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