Staying In Style

Is it just me, or does the guy look like he is in drag?


As sarcoidosis patients, inevitably we will all end up in the hospital at some point in time, and for some of us, it seems we spend more time in there than out. One of the things most hated is to put on the dreaded hospital gown with its opening in the back, showing all your ASSets to the world. Mt. Sinai in NYC gives you two. One to wear with the opening in the back as usual, and another to wear over that like a robe, so you are not so exposed. 

Well, say goodbye to your bum being fanned by the arctic breezes of a hospital. The New York designer, Diane Von Furstenberg has redesigned the hospital gown by using elements of her wrap dresses. She chose a thicker fabric that ties at the side and keeps patients warmer. A test is currently being done at the Cleveland Clinic, after which the gowns could roll out into wide-scale production. Men have complained that the patterns were too feminine.  Personally, the print of this gown would make me get the heck out of the hospital way faster. 

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