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I dislike complainers. I guess that makes me one because I am complaining about them. Anyhow, it really gets me when all people do is complain and look for the negative in every freaking thing. Can’t people just appreciate what they have and shut the #@*¤ up?!

I use twitter, not so much to tweet, but to receive tweets about sarcoidosis, heart failure etc. I received a tweet the other day that stated “I thought you all knew… ICD patients like me have no access to our data”. What?! That is such a lie. I have access to all my data. I had to click on the link to the blog entry, and it was a whole list of bitching and moaning about using the remote interrogation of ICDs.

For those of you that don’t know, a defibrillator, or AICD, or ICD, besides sitting there waiting to deliver a shock if your heart needs it, gathers and stores a whole bunch of information about your heart’s activity, as well as, in some cases such as mine, monitors the amount of water retention in the body.

Every three months you go to your clinic and the nurse downloads the information and goes over it with you. The manufacturer of the ICD also includes a monitoring device which you put at the side of your bed, and it communicates with the ICD every night automatically to see if everything is fine. It also automatically downloads the info (wirelessly) while you sleep and transmits it to the clinic every three months. This is very convenient for people that live far for from their clinic.

Another plus of having the remote system is that if your lead somehow gets damaged, or there is any problem with you ICD, the remote unit will send the information to your clinic right away, and they will call and let you know to get your butt into the hospital right away.

This blogger however was complaining that the system does not provide enough face time with his doctor. First off, the guy that implanted the device, in my case, that’s all he does. He is not a cardiologist or heart failure specialist. He implants the device, you go your way. His clinic monitors the device and sends the info to my heart failure specialist, my regular cardiologist, my sarcoidosis specialist and ME. Yes, me. I get a copy of the report, a 25 page report that is mostly not comprehensible to me. I have seen the doctor that did the implant twice since having the implant. So why is this person is bitching about not seeing the doctor? Sounds like someone that thinks he is the only patient and wants constant attention.

As I said, I get a copy of the report. If he doesn’t get one he needs to just ask for one. They’ll give it to him. If not, change clinics. It’s easy to do. If you are not happy with a doctor or clinic or hospital, stop bitching and move!

As a patient with an ICD, I feel so blessed to have the device in me, because some people don’t have the insurance to have one implanted. So to have one that monitors remotely is a double blessing. There are so many things that I am grateful for every day. Yet some people take the time out of their life to bitch and moan because they sat in a doctor’s office for ten minutes longer than they wanted. If your doctor has constantly had no respect for your time, find one that will. Stop bitching. If the nurse spoke to you in a disrespectful manner, tell your doctor (and then request she never takes care of you again, just in case she’s a little vengeful)

In other words people, be grateful you are alive and you have access to health care and wonderful modern devices that are keeping you alive. Start enjoying what life you have left and look for the good in everything that happens. If you had to wait ten minutes for your doctor, look at that time as probably saving your life. Who knows, maybe if you left ten minutes earlier you would have been hit by the bus that passes in front of the hospital at that time. Take time to smile, sit on the bench for a minute or two and enjoy life. Stop complaining.

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  1. Zang Tow Wang says:

    I find you very true. I think Americans make complain too much. Many have it very lucky. My father have icd, but must travel every three month to had it read. He farmer, but it expensive for him too. He not get any report either. They say all fine, go home, come again in three month. You have very positive outlook on life. I enjoys your blog very much. Thank you for sharing, and it okay to complain about complainers.


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