Two Fibs, An Interrogation And An Ambush

I had my AICD interrogation last week and the report said I had a fibrilation episode last month while I was having my stress echo. It lasted all of 76 seconds. I also had some episodes of irregular heart beats over the weekend, which can be very disconcerting, so I went to my regular cardiologist to check if all is well.

Having two fibrillation episodes in a seven month period (also had one in February when I ran after my dog up a hill in a foot and a half of snow) was a bit of concern for my cardiologist, and he was considering switching me off of the coreg and onto another drug, the name I can’t remember (I’m terrible with names). Doing that switch however requires a hospital stay, and thankfully, he decided to leave my meds as they are.

Although I had a remote interrogation last week, he decided to do another yesterday in case my extra beats were really fibrillations. They were not, just a bunch of extra beats. Still pretty uncomfortable though.

While I was sitting there, he asked if I had my flu shot, and I said no, and next thing I know, the nurse is at my side with a syringe, sliding a needle into my arm. Yes, they ambushed me, and like a baby, I folded and took the shot. No ill effects today, just soreness around the area.

The bottom line is that if I get any more fibrillations, or the extra heart beats increase, I will have to switch up my medications and that means a hospital stay and I aint having that! So time to meditate. Be calm gentle spirit, be calm …

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