Come On, Smile, Get happy

I have mentioned before about a drug that I take that must be delivered to me, and the nurses question me about my blood tests every month. I also mentioned that of late they have been asking about depression. I thought that secretly they have found out that the drug causes depression as a side effect, and are trying to keep it quiet.

There is a new two year study recently published in Pace, which has found that patients with implanted cardioverter defibrillators are apt to suffer depression, and this can actually cause them to receive more shocks.

This only proves my point more and more that your physical well being has a lot to do with a positive outlook on life.

Written by Basil Rene

I maintain two separate blogs. One is where I discuss my life with sarcoidosis and the other is, where as the name implies, I talk about food.


  1. Wow! Are you for real? Where can someone get tickets to your fantasy land? Do blue birds make your bed in the morning while you skip in the meadow with Bambi and Thumper? Really? Do you? Come on dude, no one can maintain a positive outlook with a chronic illness like that. Stop the pretense and admit you are a sad angry suffering fool like the rest of us!


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