What We All Ultimately Are Looking For

I was in the book store the other night and taken aback with all the new self-help books in the newly published section, and I took a pass in the self-help section, and there were so many books on every conceivable subject, it had me wondering what is it that we are all truly looking for.

There are a ton of blogs out there, and even more people browsing them every day. I wondered, what is it exactly everyone is searching for. There are thousands of medical blogs out there providing  detailed technical information about every disease known to humanity. And there are millions of people going to them daily, searching for answers. But what ultimately are they really searching for when they are researching the blogs about their illnesses. A cure? No it’s much more than that.

My blog is about my life, living with cardiac and pulmonary sarcoidosis, heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. It’s about my experiences. It’s a very modest blog, and it by no means gets much traffic. The average day when I post something new gets about twenty hits. Up until recently, the most hits I ever got in a day was 35. That was until one particular post, that in one day garnered 135 hits. At first I thought that the stats were wrong. Then I thought maybe WordPress had posted my blog on their Freshly Pressed page. No, it was neither.

What was so different about this particular post that drew an increased readership of 675%? That’s a big percentage for any blog. I didn’t write anything that was overly profound. Then I thought about how people generally find blogs, and that’s through a search. And what in a blog generates traffic to your site? Tags. Tags at the end of the blog are keywords that bring people searching for a particular subject to your blog.  I looked through the tags that I added to that blog, and they were all the same tags that I usually use, except for one. And then it made perfect sense, and everything all came together. The one thing that ultimately we are all really searching for was the one new word that I added to my blog tags for that particular blog – “Peace”

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  1. Peace be with you and yours… all in one piece!


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