What Ever Happened To Privacy?

When you go to the doctor’s office in the US, you are given the HIPA privacy act information about keeping your medical records private and you need to sign a form that you were given the information. Privacy of your medical information is a big issue, and rightfully so. But what about your other information?

I have a few pet peeves, and one of the biggest is when I go the doctor’s office and the receptionist greets you courteously and proceeds to ask if you are still at (fill in your address here) and is your phone number still (fill in your entire phone number with are code here). I don’t know about you, but I don’t need everyone in the waiting room knowing my home address and telephone number. Can’t they just ask if my address and phone number have changed?

I went to the doctor today and the receptionist blurted out my info and I asked her if she needed to do that. Couldn’t she just ask if my information changed? She told me she never thought of that, and apologized. I guess I am the only person with that issue, because all the receptionists I go to do that, so probably no one ever mentioned it. I guess I will be making this my new crusade when I go to doctors and hospitals from now on.

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  1. Good peeve. Our local hospital has started to ask check in questions as “Does your address start with 54?” “Does you phone number finish with 817?” (It does, but I struggle to think that way round!) Keep up your campaign.


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