Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone, just a wee bit late. The feeling is still in the air, and in some cultures, it is not celebrated until January 6th.

It appears that I have a new Christmas tradition in that for the past few years, I had a cold for Christmas. This year’s came with a migraine as an added stocking stuffer.

Still, I enjoyed it. Christmas Eve was our 20th wedding anniversary and we went out for a truly scrumptious dinner and the funny part was I was telling my wife very emotionally all that she meant to me and I was thanking her for all the support that she has given me, and the service staff kept interrupting. It was one of those TV comedy moments that made the evening memorable.

Christmas day was lovely. We woke up at noon, stayed in our pajamas all day and just watched movies all day. Went no where and invited no one. Just the two of us, the dogs and kitty.

I felt sick all day, my head throbbed, and I was nauseous. But I never let any of that hamper the gratitude I have for still being alive to see another Christmas and spend it with my honey, the pups and kitty.

To all of you that take the minute or two to stop by and read my rantings, and to those who even subscribe to this blog, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, health, wealth and happiness.

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