Keeping Up With Post A Day Challenge

At the beginning of the month I took up the WordPress challenge to post a blog a day, every day, for the entire year of 2011. I knew it would be a challenge, but so far I have been able to keep up.

I developed a simple system to keep the stress level down on keeping up with that commitment, and I am going to share it with anyone who also took up the challenge and may be stressing about keeping it up.

Most my blog ideas come to me in the shower. Sometimes two or three. I also subscribe to other blogs and sites that are related to the theme of my blog, and I get ideas reading other articles. I use WordPress for BlackBerry to compose most of my blogs and I almost always have my BlackBerry with me. If you don’t have or use your smart phone to blog, keep a note pad with you.

In my WordPress application on my Blackberry, I have “phone drafts”, each numbered for every day of the month. So I have an empty draft 0101 for January 1st, 0102 for January 2nd etc. I have 31 empty drafts for the month numbered 0101 through 0131. When a blog idea comes to me, I write the title after a date and a note about what I want to write about in the body.

If I have five ideas, I enter one for each empty date so I have five daily blogs accounted for. Sometimes I will write two or three blogs in a day and then upload them as “drafts” on the WordPress site. Then I go to the WordPress site, and in my drafts I will have three articles and they will look something like this:

0105 – My First Blog
0106 – My Next Blog
0107 – My Other Blog

Now I know I have blogs covered for three days. Next I open the first blog and set the posting schedule to post at 12:01 January 5th. I schedule the Next Blog to post at 12:01 January 6th, and the Other Blog for 12:01 January 7th. I have written and posted three days blogs ahead of time so I don’t have to worry to remember to post for another three days.

The next time I look at my phone drafts when I get an idea, the next number I see is 0108, which means I have to post a blog on January 8th.

This system may not work for you, but it does for me. Try posting ahead of time. It’s simple and relieves a lot of blogging stress.

Instructions on how to set a blog to post in the future can be found here.

Composed by Basil Rene using WordPress for BlackBerry.

By the way, I wrote this blog on January 4th!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. classyrose says:

    You’ve got some great ideas here.
    Good luck!


  2. Yep, store ideas against the day a shower is “dry” of inspiration.


  3. brad says:

    Thanks for the tips, and motivation. I’m finding myself scrambling at the end of each day to get something/anything posted. “Some day” I’ll get a couple of days ahead.


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