The Cost Of Diabetic Testing

I need to test my blood sugar levels twice a day for my pre-diabetes caused by taking prednisone for an extended period for my sarcoidosis, so I picked up a glucose testing meter from the drug store. There was a brand called True Test that uses gold tipped test strips for “laser accuracy”, that after an instant rebate was only $9.99. I got that one and was impressed by how inexpensive it was. The kit came with a meter, lancer, lancets, testing strips and a carrying case. Quite impressive.

The kit only came with a few test strips so I went to buy some more and was shocked that the strips themselves were more expensive than the actual meter. They were $75.00. I guess it’s like a printer. The company actually makes money on the ink, not the printer. The printer is dirt cheap, but the ink is expensive and you have to keep buying ink to print!

I held out on buying extra strips until I had appointment with the nutritionist to make sure the meter I got was a good one. Turns out that my insurance covers the cost of diabetic testing supplies, but only certain brands. She gave a new tester and a prescription for testing strips. The glucose meter manufacturer lures people in with an inexpensive meter and then socks them with the high costs of testing strips.

Following a bad diet that can lead to diabetes does really cost in the future. Not only cost you with suffering with the disease, but also the medical costs. I feel for those who have no medical insurance. I only test twice a day. Some people need to test themselves five times at least. I really don’t know how they can afford it without insurance! Luckily I have great medical insurance, and also I have no intention of testing my blood sugar after June. That’s when I get re-tested and my pre-diabetes will be a thing of the past.

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  1. Unethical marketing of the original test kit?


    1. Basil Rene says:

      I could see it that way, but I guess I can look at it that the companies are making the test kit more affordable and accessible to people without insurance …


  2. Carol Wong says:

    Almost every single person in my family had or has diabetes and I became pre diabetic when in my twentied. Only diabetic when I gave birth. Now I am
    64. I knew about the meter being cheap and the strips expensive before, I read that in the magazine Diabetic Health.

    I am thinking seeing a differnt doctor. All he says to do is “Eat less” and see in him about six months, But I see my blood sugar results more often from my oncologist. Could I ask, are you seeing a specilist or a
    primary doctor?


    1. Basil Rene says:

      I am seeing my primary physician, who is also my primary pulmonologist. He does not think it necessary to see an oncologist as yet. He is ( and so am I) hoping that I can turn this around with some weight loss. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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