Life, Swept Away

I read a lot of different blogs on various subjects and I am sorry to say that so many people bitch and moan about what they have or don’t have, and why them, and blah, blah, blah . I certainly hope that I don’t sound like that and that my posts for the most part are positive.

I was watching the news the other night and they were showing the flood devastation in Australia and Brazil and many clips were of people’s property swept away and stories of heroism and tragedy. In the Brazilian footage, there was a woman being rescued from her roof top as the building was crumbling below her. People in an adjacent taller building threw her a rope which she tied around herself and holding her precious dog she leapt into the raging waters. As she was being pulled towards the taller building, a large torrent swept over her and her dog and she emerged a few seconds later, without her dog. The shear agony in her face was heart wrenching. We have three beautiful dogs that are our life, and I know I would go down on a sinking ship with them rather than jump and leave them behind. She held on to her dog so tightly and a moment of hope was pulled out of her grasp.

I know for myself, were that to happen to me, I would live with that horrendous moment for the rest of my life. The horror that she must have felt. The horror that all the people in those situations that see their loved ones swept away and there is nothing they can do. And I think of these people who blog and bitch and moan about the smallest of crap. “Someone said X about me” or “My finger hurts and I can’t go to work today”. Really? Is that what you have to write about?

We all go through hard times or what we perceive as hard times, and I do suppose that it is all relative. When I have a bad day where I feel like crap, I think of how good I have it. How lucky I am. There are so many people in situations far worse than mine. So I have decided to sweep all those negative blogs off my rss feed. Only positive upbeat stuff from now on. Some may say I am playing ostrich. Maybe so, but that ostrich, for a brief moment thinks he is safe and that everything is all right in the world. Maybe if we all had a few brief moments like that in our life a few times a day, it might just become our reality.

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  1. classyrose says:

    Stop, don’t sweep them off! You are not bitching and moaning. I admit that some do, but you’re not from what I’ve read.

    You have serious health problems and there are others reading you who may not comment and get some satisfaction that they are not alone in this world.

    Keep them! People who want, will read them, the others just won’t.

    Please 🙂


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