Twenty One Makes Me An Adult Blogger?

It’s day twenty one of the post a day challenge, and so far I have kept it up by posting twenty one blogs for the year so far, one every day.

It has not been difficult. I have actually written 90% of my posts ahead of time and posted them a week in advance and scheduled them to post in the future. That relieved a lot of blogging anxiety.

Now the well seems to running a bit dry, or it could be just a bit of sarcoidosis writing block. Really, just how much can I write about my conditions on a daily basis with an upbeat theme. That’s what I try to do. I am not here to bitch and moan, but show how we can all survive chronic illnesses with a positive attitude. Now my current post is starting to sound a bit negative.

I am not getting discouraged. Actually I love the challenge of coming up with something new. All my ideas come in the shower, and I shower at least twice a day (yes, I’m a clean boy), so I get a lot of ideas.

The last few days my shower thoughts have only been about cars, SUVs, do we need two SUVs, or should have a car and an SUV, options, do I want a heads up display, or why doesn’t that model have a back up camera!

It’s hard to concentrate when you are thinking about other stuff. Usually it’s a fast thing for us, but for some reason we just seem to have so many damned choices. It looks like we’ve pinned it down, found a color we like, and a model with the features we want. Actually, it’s the last thing I would of thought of buying, but change is good. That’s what makes life interesting.
Hopefully tomorrow I can come up with something more on subject, so for my critic (yes, you), today’s sub heading is “Not able to think about sarcoidosis”. Happy?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. I think big thoughts on the WC


  2. brad says:

    Keep it up! Here’s hoping you get the car(s) of your dreams.


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