Sea Breeze In A Bottle

I find there is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than sitting on the warm, white sand of a beautiful Caribbean beach, your hair blowing away from your face as you watch the beautiful water splash on shore, and that warm salty air filling your lungs.

It especially rejuvenates me psychologically as I grew up in the Caribbean for the first twenty-four years of my life, and as a child I always had some respiratory infection and my doctor always told my mother to take me to the beach. Believe me, that worked.

I remember one time having a case of really bad bronchitis and an ear infection and my doctor’s instructions were to take me to the beach, have me sit facing the ocean for some time taking very deep breaths, then let me go swim for as long as I can. That seems like a really strange prescription coming from a medical doctor, but we went to the beach right away, and I sat there inhaling the warm salt air and then I went for a swim. I loved to swim under water, and despite feeling really sick, I enjoyed it.

After about ten minutes in the water I started to feel really nauseous, and as I stood to come out of the ocean I threw up the most green mucous I had ever seen. Then my nose started to run and clear out tons of mucous. It was gruesome. My dad lifted me out of the water and took me back up to the beach and wrapped a towel around me and in that instant I felt almost as if I had no cold at all. Thankfully it was a week day and no one else was at the beach otherwise they probably would have closed it down!

I started to dry my hair and I felt like there was a monster rushing around in my ears, and then my ears simultaneously began oozing thick wax like stuff. By this point, my dad and I were alone, and I could tell he was freaking but trying to look calm. My ears cleared themselves out and next day I was back to as if I were never ill.

I tend to get a cold every winter, and wish that i could go to the beach as i did as a child and just let that warm salt air fill my lungs and rejuvenate me. Alas, it’s pretty dumb to be sitting on a beach in the northeast in the middle of winter to get over a cold. Then, yesterday I was at the health food store and I saw something that I had never seen before.  It was called a salt air inhaler. You fill the unit with dry Himalayan salt and take deep breaths of salty air for 20 minutes per day. I winder if it will have the same effect as sitting at the beach? I want to try it, but wonder if there are any contraindications for sarcoidosis. I have looked for any information I could find on whether the salt air inhaler should or should not be used with patients with sarcoidosis, but can’t find anything.

I will continue to do some research into the item, but until then, if anyone with pulmonary sarcoidosis has ever used the product, please let me know how it worked for you.

” A dream is just a dream ’til you live it. Peace is just a word ’til you feel it. Love is always there when you share it. You have strength, you have faith, you have hope. Hope is always here” – ONJ

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  1. When I am feeling pissed off or uptight I visualise lying on the sun-terrace of a hotel in Funchal, Madeira; air temp 25C, warm sun, seabreeze, pint or two of some liquid or another, big fish dinner cooking…. SNORE!


  2. classyrose says:

    Nothing can compare to the real thing.

    Would be interested in learning what you find out about it. Their site mentions asthma, but I’m wondering about COPD. What’s good for one isn’t necessarily good for the other.


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