Nap Snap

I took a nap today and now I am wide awake at almost three in the morning. So many thoughts are flying around in my head. I have a cardiologist appointment in the morning, blood tests after that, then I go to the accupunturist, and then hopefully take delivery of my new car.

It’s been a week, but the dealer finally located the car we want (very specific on the colors and options). Hopefully they get it in tomorrow, prep it and I can pick it up in the evening.

It’s been snowing so much that I have to cancel appointments and reschedule. All happens for a reason, but it just seems everything just piles up all together at the same time.

No words of wisdom here tonight. Just a little ranting about nothing, trying to clear my head with my BlackBerry so I can sleep. Okay, gonna try and do that now. Nite!

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  1. Enjoy the new wagon!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks. We actually went with a car, not an SUV. The car does have AWD though.


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