Day 31!

I did it. An entire month of daily posts to my blog. Finding different things to write about my life with sarcoidosis started off easy enough, but as the month drew to an end, the ideas began to dwindle. I guess I had too much going on. So here comes February tomorrow. It’s going to snow in the Northeast tomorrow, then there’s freezing rain on Wednesday, so I’m staying home, going nowhere. Maybe I can come up with some new topics in that time.

Just a brief note to all the people that have given me support with this blog and on a personal level. It is greatly appreciated and keeps me going on with this blog. Also to those that visit on a daily basis, even though you may not comment or email, just knowing that you are there is a big support.

Here’s to another 27 straight daily blogs!

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  1. Your weather forecast reads godawful; keep warm and safe…


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