Saying Goodbye To Dr. Teirstien

This morning I learned that my sarcoidosis specialist, Dr. Alvin Teirstien, passed away at his office. He was 83 years old.

Dr. Teirstien was a great doctor, he could be grumpy at times, but he knew his stuff. He fought my insurance company for me to get a PET scan, and won. His protocols have me where I am today, feeling much better than I did four years ago.

When you lose a great doctor, one that got you so far, you can’t help but wonder if they ever can be replaced. He has worked with this since 1953.

In any case, I just want to say my condolences to his family, and to you Dr. T, thank you for everything you did for me, the fights you fought on my behalf, the respect you commanded from all my other doctors, the informed decisions I was able to make on your advice. Rest now. You deserve it.

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  1. Still working at that age!


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