A New Challenge!

I have been gone from my blog a little over week as I decided to give up the commitment on the post a day challenge, and did not want to start the lesser commitment of the post a week challenge. It has been so liberating to do that as I started this blog to relieve stress for myself, not really as an information site on Sarcoidosis. Unfortunately, that’s what it became, and people were getting a little too needy expecting a post of some sort to “help” them on their journey through their illness. I love helping people, but on my time, and not in an obligatory fashion. So I am back, again on my own terms, and my own time. I may post once a day, twice a day, once a week or once a month. What ever feels good for me. Now I hope to post some blogs of substance and not daily fluff like I found myself beginning to do.

To all my readers that left me alone this past week, thank you, I needed the mental break. To those who wrote me asking me everyday where I was and if I was quitting, I appreciate your “loyalty” to my little blog, but really, I needed a break, and may need one in the future, so if I “disappear” for a week or so, don’t worry, you’ll survive. 😉

So today I am officially beginning the unofficial WordPress “Post When Ever You Feel Like It Challenge 2011”. When ever the hell you feel like posting a blog, then I challenge you to do it and tag it “postwhenever2011”. I hope no one else came up with this idea already! I’m away from my computer and can’t check tags, so if anyone else has already had this idea, apologies. Please leave me a comment if so!

UPDATE: OK, I got home and checked the tags and postwhenever2011 is already in swing. I was not original, but I love the idea!!

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  1. dailygazing says:

    So glad to have you join me in posting whenever!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      As the saying goes, great minds think alike. As I say, “but the greater mind thought of it first! ” Glad to be jumping onto your band wagon!


  2. Post when it suits!


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