He’s Baaaccckkk!!!

I was not feeling well last week. My breathing was somewhat tight and I had a constant  need to clear my throat, and just generally was feeling very tired. I went to my doctor and he performed a whole bunch of blood tests and x-rays blah blah blah, to make sure I was not having a sarcoidosis flare up. To be safe, he upped my prednisone to 40mg a day for two weeks.

And he’s back. The prednisone demon with his cravings for sweet and carb, his constant need to be fed, his mood swings, his causing night sweats and his keeping me up at night for no reason.

I know have complained many a time on this blog about the negatives of prednisone, and I am probably sounding like a stuck record, but it just gets me every time. I somehow feel as if I have lost control of myself. I feel the “crazies” coming on and I know how to suppress it, but it is still there in the background, just waiting to explode for no reason. Thank heavens I have a very patient wife who has had to deal with my prednisone crazies for the last five years. At least it is just for a short time, then I go back to my regularly scheduled program. Just being half crazy.

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  1. Hide the credit cards…


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