Just Gonna Go With The Flow

It seems to happen once a year, but it seems to be happening earlier than the previous years. It’s when my body just for no apparent reason seems to go into a tail spin. I just never feel right and doctors can’t really tell what’s going on. They do a bunch of tests and then they find some new issue.

About a month ago my breathing started to become difficult and the usual blood tests and x-rays showed nothing. No evidence of sarcoidosis raising its ugly head. Also, with my recent AICD interrogation, for the first time my unit has been pacing. I have also been getting a pain in my lower right abdominal region. So here I go for a bunch of tests.

Today I am having an echocardiogram to see if my pulmonary hypertension is causing the problem. Next week I have a pulmonary function test and also a 24 hour heart monitor to determine why I am pacing. Then in two weeks I am having a barium CT scan to determine what’s causing the abdominal pain.

Sometimes these times get me a bit down because I am always afraid they will find something new. This time I realize that worrying is as effective as chewing gum to solve an algebra problem. I am just going to lay back, and enjoy the ride as best as I can, and then when it’s all done, then I’m going to face whatever, if any, issues there are.

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