Twitting Me Out Of My Mind

I recently decided to look on Twitter for people who tweet about sarcoidosis, and my search returned tons of people with the phrase Sarcoidosis Remission – Aden Protocol: At last people can stop the terrible suffering of sarcoidosis.“. I went to the site and yes there is information on how to reverse the effects of sarcoidosis, but you have to pay for it. The site is run by Danielle May, and she claims to have the answer to bring sarcoidosis into remission. There is nothing wrong if someone believes that their research and information is worth a price. As a matter of fact I bought her book, and she does have some good information in there. Not all the protocols she recommends I am able to follow due to the other complications I have developed because of sarcoidosis, but they may work for some people.

What I have a problem with is clogging up twitter with links to her site. Sure the links are from different people, but they are all worded exactly the same. Looks to me almost like an advertising ‘bot has been pushing out twitter IDs to promote this lady’s site. And that’s just plain wrong. There are other people out there that are tweeting about their experiences with sarcoidosis, but they can’t get heard because of these promotions for Danielle May’s website. Twitter is such a great resource for information if you follow the right people, and it is really sad that one person has decided to clog up all the feeds with her own self promotion . She claims she about curing sarcoidosis, but really and truly it’s about the dollars isn’t? If she were really altruistic, then she would not be making sure that anyone looking for information on sarcoidosis using twitter as their resource are directed only to her pay for site.

And now I have said my piece.

PS: If you click on “Aden Protocol”, you will be taken to Danielle May’s site if you are interested in what she has to offer.

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  1. Rosa says:

    I have come across her site before. She has been pimping her product/idea for awhile now. So, would you recommend her stuff or not?


    1. Basil Rene says:

      I never recommend anybody’s stuff unless I have personally seen an actual benefit from using the product/information. I have not been able to follow her protocol due to my other conditions and medications, but I will say that she does have some interesting stuff in her book. It is a *PDF book you have to purchase by the way. The protocol is pretty extreme and I am not sure many people are disciplined enough to follow. Although I have not been able to follow the protocol, she does list a lot of supplements and foods to take/avoid. Some of that information I have taken and used. Again, I am not saying she is a charlatan, my issue is her hijacking the Twitter “sarcoidosis” search to promote her site. If you have the money to spare, some of her information might be useful to you.


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