Just Thinking Out Loud

I cancelled all of my doctor’s appointments and tests that I had scheduled for this week, which was probably going to be almost every day. And I feel free. Free from prodding, answering the same questions over and over.

I know I have chronic conditions, and every day I try my best to live my life like I don’t. I am not angry about my condition, but I do get frustrated with my inability to do things as I used to before. Yet, I can’t complain. Some days I feel as if I could just stay in bed and sleep, I feel so tired. But I pull myself out and face the day, albeit slowly sometimes. I won’t let my conditions dictate what I can and cannot do, although they do have a bigger say than I would like them to.

Today I breathe and enjoy my life. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, so I will not complain, or moan, or cry, or wish. There is not point in wishing, is there? It can’t be reversed. Rather than wish, I look forward.

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