I Had The Nurse From Hell

I went for my monthly blood test today to check my liver levels as I am on the drug Tracleer. I alternate between my left and right arms, and since I am on Plavix, I always ask the nurses to use a small needle, even a pediatric needle if possible as I bruise very easily. Also, getting blood test sometimes twice a month can wreck havoc on my veins.

Today I got the most grumpy, sour, unfriendly nurse that ever existed on planet earth. I think they shipped her in from hell just for today. I asked her to use a small needle, but she ignored me and pushed probably the largest needle in her arsenal so hard into my arm, I thought she was going to go right through the vein.

She never said a word, drew the blood and when she was done, slapped a bandage on me and sent me on my way. When I got home, this is what my arm looked like, the mark of the devil nurse from hell.

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  1. Sweets says:

    Oh how horrible! Nasty bruise, hope it heals soon…


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks. As I am on Plavix, these types of bruises lasts weeks. Been getting some strange looks from people.


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