Another Gifting From The Sarcoidosis Gods

I have a pain in my lower right abdomen that I have been getting since January. It’s not terribly painful, but feels like an annoying cramp that happens without notice.

I had antibiotics which did not work, then a CT Scan of the abdomen where I had an allergic reaction to the Barium. It showed nothing. I then had a small intestine series of x-rays which was another round of barium and x-rays every 15 minutes for an hour and a half. This was a different barium solution and I had no reaction. That set of x-rays showed nothing.

Last week, I had a colonoscopy. I had one eighteen months ago and everything was fine, but with my family history of colon cancer, the gastro doc wanted to be sure. That also showed nothing.

My next option is to do exploratory surgery. Eh? That is not an option unless I am in severe pain, which I am not at this time. Surgery is a major danger for me due to my heart failure. Last week I had mild anesthesia for the colonoscopy and my blood pressure dropped low enough to cause concern.

I think my digestive system may be stressed from taking so much medication over so long. Nothing much I can do there, so I think that I will just have to live with the discomfort in my abdomen. Another perk from having sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis – the gift that just keeps on giving.

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  1. Dave Hambidge says:

    I’ve been lurking and following your posts but not commented as own health currently sucks. Heart going off, still no cause identified, awaiting shed load of investigation results… but at least we are still breathing, after a fashion!!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Oh, sorry to hear that! Hope they get to the bottom of it soon. I swear humans are not designed to live past 40! Best to you and the wife. How’s her fight with Sarcoidosis going?


      1. Dave Hambidge says:

        Down to 7.5mg daily, quite a few of the symptoms coming back, due clinic review in 10 days…


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