Radiate Me!

I have a cold now going on two weeks and I had an x-ray on Friday to ensure I did not have pneumonia, and the results were inconclusive. The radiologist reported that my defibrillator was obstructing the view. Eh? The defibrillator is two inches square and my lungs are taking up pretty much half of my torso. Couldn’t figure it out with only 10% of my lung obstructed?

In any case, the powers that be would like me to have a CT scan of my lungs to make sure I don’t have pneumonia. I resisted as (1) a CT scan is the equivalent of about 150 x-rays,(2) I had a CT scan of my abdomen just about two months ago and (3) I was coughing too much to lay still for the scan. Excuses.

So tomorrow I’ll go and radiate myself like a bag of microwave popcorn on a cold slab of plastic so that an expert can tell me whether or not I have pneumonia. I know I am resisting it, but I guess the risk of excess radiation outweighs the possibility of not discovering if I have pneumonia.

Pneumonia in a healthy person is a dangerous thing. In a man with compromised lungs, heart failure and pulmonary hypertension is pretty much Russian Roulette with only one bullet missing in the chamber.

Here’s looking forward to another round in the microwave and hoping for the best.

UPDATE: Got back the results from the CT scan and everything is looking clear as far as having pneumonia goes

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  1. Tough call… on balance have the chest CT as it will give a good view of the whole lung for disease progression as well as pnuemonia.

    Hazel starts weekly Methotrextae today…


    1. Basil Rene says:

      I figured as much on the CT. Wow. Sorry to hear that. Hope she is better soon! Isn’t that a cancer drug? Has her sarcoidosis progressed that much?


      1. Methotrexate is used a prednisolone augmenting drug (at least in UK) in those whose Scd symptoms return before coming off the pred having had initial high dose (40mg daily) tailed off over 1 year (7.5mg daily). Idea is that the methotrexate low dose (7.5mg daily) will allow the pred to be stopped, eventually, because the medium term side-effects of methotrexate are much nicer than those of pred. Unless one gets the rare (<0.5%) and fatal complication with methotrexate of rampant cirrhosis and/or leukaemia…

        What a bloody choice in this already sodding disease…

        Yes, quite a few of the original symptoms returning, and a few more to boot.



  2. Rosa says:

    So how did the CT Scan go for you? It is very important to stay on top of that cause pneumonia is no joke.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      I just got the results and the lungs are fine (as they can be with sarcoidosis) No pneumonia! Thanks for checking in.


      1. Good to read…


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