It’s That Time Of Year Again

Every year around this time, I have to travel out of town for work. It’s a two and a half hour drive, and it requires that I stay over for two or three nights every week for August. This year it started two weeks early.

Having to be away from home for work is definitely is not my favorite thing in the world, but it pays the bills. One of the inconveniences of traveling away from home when you have a medical condition is ensuring you have everything you need. Medications are a priority, and I always take extra with me just in case I have to be away longer than three days.

The one thing that I have not quite figured out is my supplemental oxygen. I use the Helios liquid oxygen system, which consists of a small canister that I hook into a large liquid oxygen tank to refill. The Helios system is really very convenient as it is a lot less bulky and weighs a lot less than portable oxygen bottles. The Helios also lasts a lot longer than the bottles. For me a bottle usually last 90 minutes to two hours, so if I am going hiking for the day, I need to lug a couple of extra bottles, which is pretty heavy. The Helios lasts about 6 to 8 hours.

I also use the Helios to sleep. This means it’s good for one night, then I have to refill it. That’s no problem, except the refill tank weighs about 175 pounds, so it’s not something I can throw in the back of the car. This means when the Helios runs out, it runs out.

I could have an oxygen compressor temporarily delivered to where I am staying, but that means I have to be there to sign for delivery, not at all convenient.

So on these trips, I go without my oxygen. It’s not as if I will be hiking or anything like that, but this past week, and continuing into the next few days, the north east has excessive heat days, accompanied by bad air quality, so it makes breathing very tough, and sometimes I need to take that puff from the Helios. Yesterday had a heat index of 105 degrees.

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