Off To The Races

I start pulmonary rehabilitation one more time today. I did this twice before, and it is ok. Basically it is an exercise program at a gym where your vitals are monitored. The only drawback is the rest of the group. I am usually the youngest person there, and although I have nothing against old people (I do hope to become one some day), they tend not to be a very positive group.

The discussions are always around what is ailing them today and what new fabulous prescription they are on now. So I usually just take my iPod or my Kindle and go into my own private world. I come off aloof, but I tried interacting on the last go round, but it ended up being the same thing. What today’s complaint is. It just seems that all they do is get on that treadmill and they are off walking full hilt, hoping the next stop is their grave.

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