Making A Case For A Lost Case

Ever had an item that was just perfect? An item that just perfectly satisfied your needs in a certain category? Well i had such an item. A pill case that met my needs perfectly. I purchased it at CVS pharmacy about a year or more ago. It is plastic and has four individual compartments that you press a little button to open on each. The pill case is kept neatly in a black pleather snap shut case. It is small, and convenient and perfect. And I lost it! I have no idea where, how or when. I am devastated, not because there was a days worth of pills in it, but because I can’t find one like it anywhere. Not at CVS, not on the internet, anywhere. I never thought I would miss an item so much, but I do. Who ever thought that I would be missing a pill case?

Update: I found the missing case. My cat knocked it off the table in the foyer and into the umbrella stand. Life is good again.

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