Living Your Life For You And Not Your Disease



I follow this person on Twitter that has an implanted defibrillator and he is campaigning heavily for a patient’s rights to access his or her defibrillator information at will. Although I do agree with him to some extent, a recent tweet of his was an eye opener. It read: “I’m afib free today (Or at least I think so). No way to know for sure since I have no access to my data.”

That particular tweet made me realize how much his campaigning about his platform and his disease have overtaken his life. He may disagree with me wholeheartedly, but if I were he, a person that apparently experiences fibrillations on a daily basis, and seemed that I went through a day without any, I would not be obsessing about the fact that I was not able to access that information, but rather enjoying my day of being afib free!

All too often I read other people’s blogs that are based on a cause or their illness and they base their entire life and routine on the cause or disease. That’s all well and good to have a cause or to try and bring the public’s attention to a particular illness, but there comes a point where it sounds like people stop living.

That’s the main reason that I renamed my blog. It was becoming a sob story and seemed that it was all I was focusing on. There was not a positive spin on it.

Hopefully many of you who have found my blog today and are looking for information on your illness listen to one piece of advice that I give here today. It is very good to know and understand all aspects of tour illness, but don’t let it become you. Yes it is part of your life now, but don’t make it your life. Let it fall in the background as much as possible. Stop focusing on it. Get back out there and enjoy all that the planet has to offer and love, live, be happy.


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