7300 Hits! Time To Move My Blog!

Wow! 7300 hits. May not seem like much, but for someone who started out not really doing this for anyone but myself, and not expecting hits at all, to have that many is a great achievement. People actually subscribe to my blog now. Amazing.

So with that great achievement (at least to me), I decided to take control and own my blog, so i registered it as its own domain name. So my new blog address is http://lifewithsarcoidosis.com/. The “WordPress” bit is out of the address. If you enter the old address you will be automatically redirected to this address. Why do that? It’s the original name of my blog, and people have told me that they prefer that name to the newer “My Life And Sarcoidosis”. I haven’t decided if to change back the blog name as yet, but the address with be lifewithsarcoidosis.com. There is no “www” in front. Simple enough.


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