There Are Just Somethings I Won’t Give Up To This Disease

Stay away from acidic foods. Stay away from sugars. Stay away from simple carbs. Stay away from soy products. Avoid red meats. Don’t drink coffee. No ketchup. These and more are all things I read when given advice on the proper diet for a sarcoidosis sufferer. And for the most part, I follow it as closely as I can without driving myself crazy.

If you check the list of acidic foods, you’ll be surprised what is on there. Corn, lentils, almonds to name a few. Most of them I have been able to stay away from, but your body does need a balance, and eating all alkaline foods is no good for you either. So rather than cut out acidic foods all together, I reduce them as best I could.

I never drank coffee until I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and went on prednisone. Suddenly I was craving coffee, and I was advised to drink it by my then ayurvedic doctor because there is something in coffee that helps you breathe. I got hooked on frapuccinos, cappucinos and lattes. I refuse to give them up. I have an espresso machine and make my own, when I can’t get to a Starbucks.

The only thing is, I only like them made with soy milk, but that’s a major food to avoid with sarcoidosis. So I tried coconut milk, which actually is alkaline. It tasted fine, but the texture was thick and creamy, which for some reason made me nauseous. The texture was strange, and I notice as I am older, certain textures of foods make me nauseous. I don’t know if it is a product of all the meds I take, but before I could and would eat anything without a problem. Now certain textures, tastes and smells of food will get me nauseous.

Your body has a way of knowing what is good for you and what is not. So I wonder if my nausea with certain foods is my body’s ways of saying stay away. I don’t get nausea with soy milk, so if my theory is correct, the texture is fine, then my body is okay with it, so I don’t have to give up my daily iced latte. And I am not giving up my ketchup either.

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