Is Anything Really A Waste Of Time?


Yesterday, when I walked into Mt. Sinai for the Sarcoidosis Support Group meeting, I had this instant foreboding that it was going to be a big waste of time, and I almost turned back before I even entered the auditorium. I didn’t and I stayed for the whole thing.

It turned out not to be what I hoped it would, but I realized that I have adopted a new attitude, and I like it. I sat there and I thought that this was not for me and that I should leave, but then I got this thought that I am there for a reason, I may not know why just now, or it may not even be for me, but I was there and just go with the flow.


I no longer find myself in a rush to get any where. If there is a car driving 20 mph in front of me when I am already running late, I don’t get mad anymore, or impatient. I just accept the fact that the person is probably preventing me from getting into an accident up ahead. Who knows? There’s nothing I could do about it, so just enjoy the view as it passes slowly.

If I find myself waiting at a doctor’s office or at a lab for tests, I now use that time to read, study or meditate. If I need to get to another appointment, then I just reschedule and leave. No fuss, no stress. But I don’t look at it as a waste of my time. Any time I have on this planet is precious and I appreciate all of it, even if it is sitting in a waiting room at a doctor’s office.


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