The Envelope Please

I think that getting medical test results is very similar to an awards show, where performers sit and wait to find out if they are tomorrow’s headline or yesterday’s parrot cage liner.

As I sat in my doctor’s waiting room, he was running late. (The award show is running a little over time). I was eventually led into an exam room by the technician. (the presenter for tonight’s most anticipated category saunters across the stage).

“We need to do an EKG today” he said. “But I had an echo yesterday. Is it necessary?” I asked (“And let’s look at a highlight reel of our nominees” the presenter says as she turns to the giant screen, while all the nominees wish she would just announce the winner! )

When he finished with the EKG, repeating my current medications, taking my blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels, he left the room and said “The doctor will be right into see you.” (The highlight reel finally comes to an end and the presenter says to the audience as the applause dies down, ” And here now with the results of the top category of tonight’s show. May I have the envelope please?”)

My doctor walked into the exam room and smiles, asks me how I am doing and opens the file folder in his hand, and reads what appears to be the report. (The presenter is handed a white, gold foil lined envelope which she rips open slowly and pulls out a card with the results. She reads it, glances at all the nominees, pausing for dramatic effect and says “And the winner is …)

My doctor looked up from the file and said “I took a look at your echo today, and your heart has never been better. Your output has increased. I don’t know how you do it, but your output is now up to 50%!” he said.

I felt a million pounds of self-imposed weight, two weeks of worry, days of building scenarios in my head all fell to the ground. Even though the sarcoidosis is still active in the heart, the news that my heart is the strongest it has ever been since being diagnosed with heart failure in 2007 is awesome news. If for any reason, the sarcoidosis starts to mess with my heart function, I have some leeway. If it was way down, then I would be in deep. Now I just have to meet with my sarcoidosis and heart failure doctors to see what course of action we take from here.

(… And the winner is Basil Rene! Congratulations!)

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  1. Linda says:

    Congratulations Basil Rene! You are a wonderful writer. You are a fighter and a winner … and a survivor!

    Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thank you! Now onto the next phase …


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