Wait? Treat! Treat? Wait!


My head spins as emotions come to a head. I want to scream, shout and just yell. I need them to stop passing the buck and actually make a decision. The pulmonary doctor tells me to see what the heart doctor thinks. Then the heart doctor says see what the pulmonary doctor thinks. Holy moly people, some body get some balls and make a damned decision.

That’s what it was like today when I went in to see my sarcoidosis doctor, and then my heart failure specialist right after that. At their request I had an echo cardiogram to see what my heart function was like. Turns out my heart function is the best it has been since I discovered I have heart failure. However, a PET scan last month says that my sarcoidosis is active again the heart.

What does that mean? It means they don’t know what to do. Should they treat according to the PET scan or leave everything according to the echo? They don’t know, I sure as heck don’t know. Tomorrow I will go to someone who knows.

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