Is There Such A Thing As Being Too Positive?


Looking at the statistics on my blog, and a few emails I received, it seems the posts with the highest number of hits are those few ones where I am not positive.

What exactly are people looking for? Are people look for stories and posts of despair that prove their life is not as bad? Do posts with a positive outlook turn people off?

I did not start this blog in the hope of having a ton of hits, but I do get the reports, and it makes me wonder what people want in their life?

Are people trolling the web looking for only a cure? Are they out there pretending to be what they are not? Pretending to be caring but hoping to find someone worse off than them self. Does that make people really feel better to know that someone has it worse than they do? What a sad and selfish world we live in. Everyone wants a cure, but until then, what do people really want or need? Not a little positivity?

Is there such a thing as being too positive that it turns people away from what you have to say? Maybe it does. But I will keep on being positive, and those that criticize me for it, so be it. I will keep positive and I will continue to write as many positive things as I can.

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